Our friendly staff

Shazia Yousaf BSc is the Director and Principal optometrist of Stephen Tang Opticians from September 2014-present. She has been a friendly face at Stephen Tang Opticians throughout the years as she was the main locum for Stephen.

Edwina Foster FBDO is a dispensing optician and being the most senior staff is dedicated to serving all types of customers and more complex matters of optometry. Her naturally welcoming an efficient manner have always been highly regarded by customers since we have opened in January 2008.

Laura Fleming is a highly experienced optical adviser who is normally the smiling and friendly face that will greet you upon entering Stephen Tang Opticians. Laura has exceptional ability to help choose the best lenses and frame styles to look great in all types of customers.

Stephen Tang BSc was the founder and managing director of the company, from January 2008- September 2014. He emigrated to Australia in September 2014 and sold the company to Mrs Shazia Yousaf.