MY EYES!!!!!!!

MY EYES!!!!!!! .....Are alright actually. That's right, I went for an eye test today...well to be honest eye test doesn't even begin to cover it. My peepers had a full on M.O.T.!!

OK I'm getting ahead of myself (as usual) It all began when....

The Minion O Doom had her eye test scheduled for today at Stephen Tang opticians and since I haven't had my eyes tested for about...oh eight years or so she press ganged me into calling up for an appointment. I grudgingly agreed and made the call.

I was hesitant to go for the test for two reasons, one is that I'm convinced that I have godlike vision (and didn't want to hear any different) and the other is that my limited experience with optometrists involve getting goggles stuck to my face, being told I'm fine after reading a couple of lines and leaving within five minutes of my appointment start time, so I had my cynical pants on.

However there were also multiple reasons that I decided to go, the main one being that Pete and Brook had explained what Stephen Tang is all about and due to their testimony I thought that it would be worth a shot, plus an eye health test seemed like a great idea, especially as I've never had one. So now we're all caught up, and now you know why I'm writing a review about my eye exam. If you know me you know I'll go on about something that really leaves me with an impression.

Arriving at the optometrist I was impressed by the look of the place, the front of house staff members were really good too, very friendly and not at all in your face. Within a few minutes of being inside I had a preliminary test done, I think this was just to establish a baseline for the eye test proper. It was a quick, smooth procedure which only took a couple of minutes. The staff member administering the test was very professional and warm. At this point I'd received more/better service than on my last eye exam and it was just the appetiser!!

At this point we met Stephen Tang. What a dude. This guy gave a level of service that you'd really have to experience yourself to get the whole idea. This is what you wish your optician/doctor/dentist/etc could be like. It's very unusual to meet someone who is as professional, open, adept, communicative and honest all at the same time. Maybe if you're lucky you'll encounter someone with one or two of those qualities. He's the sort of person it feels good to be around, no awkwardness or anything. Keeping you relaxed without resorting to the condescending pantomime routine that so many doctors etc slip into like a comfy pair of slippers.

The eye test itself was incredibly comprehensive, all bases covered, everything checked to the max including a real looking-into-the-back-of-the-eye-etc ocular physical! The equipment in use was just as cutting edge as the service, making the experience all the better. A true melding of technology and real one to one professionalism. This guy is so thorough that you could imagine him running tests on the space shuttle or something.

After the tests the minion picked out a cool set of frames and did her paperwork while we all had a natter (and I had an extra peripheral vision test, which was cool). At this point I really noticed the vibe of the place and it really impressed me, there was a real feeling that you were being dealt with by a team, rather than just a few people who work in the same shop. Instead of companies sending their workforce on team building exercises they should send to Stephen Tang's to take some notes and see exactly how it should be done. If my last optometrist was a gramophone, S Tang is the ipod (or eyepod :D)

If you're in Glasgow and you're due an eye exam give them a ring and make an appointment, trust me you will not regret it. I'm still kinda surprised that I had fun at an eye exam!! I definitely owe Pete and Brook a drink (or a sandwich) for guiding us to a new world of eye-health-goodness that up until a few hours ago I never really believed existed.

Here are the contact details if you want to check them out for yourself. I can tell you one thing for certain, I'll never go anywhere else!!

Stephen Tang Opticians
3a, Barrachnie Rd, Baillieston, Glasgow, Lanarkshire G69 6HB Tel: 0141 781 0388

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